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How Natures-Acres began

As a small child, I remember going to my aunt and uncles' farms and helping them milk the cows, slop the hogs and gather the chickens eggs. Oh, how I loved being on the farm. The biggest thrill of all for me was milking the cows. I desired my whole life to have and own my very own milking cow. 

Well, God  intervened and changed my ideas of owning a cow. By the time I could get my first milking animal I had grandchildren. I knew that very small children could not be around a cow safely by themselves in fear of getting stepped on or kicked. I wanted something small that my grand kids could help take care of, and then, I found it, the perfect milking animal for my needs, the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat. 

I began researching these adorable little animals and to my surprise they actually make excellent home milkers. They also produce the highest butterfat content of all goat breeds except Pygmies. The high butterfat content makes their milk taste and resemble cow's milk. The Nigerian Dwarfs milk also makes the best goat cheese. It produces far more goat cheese with smaller amounts of milk because of the butterfat content. I was sold. I decided, I had to have one. Well, anyone who owns goats, knows, you can not have just one! So Natures-Acres herd began. 

  I knew that  I wanted to raise my herd as natural as possible. I researched, read and studied many books and articles pertaining to natural goat care. I began experimenting with different herbs to make a wormer that would give me excellent results. After testing it and year after year all of my fecal tests having no evidence of worms, I knew I had found the right mix. I also will be adding other herbals to the store that I use in caring for all of my animals, naturally and holistically.

I take great pride and joy in how I care for my animals. I am truly blessed by God to have them and it is an honor to be able to share my love  and knowledge of them with others.