Copper Sulfate 1lb

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Copper is needed for optimum health, resistance to disease, a healthy immune system and protection against internal parasites.

Recommendations: If using as a mineral supplement for livestock, leave Copper Sulfate out in its own container and let animals eat it free choice. For a balanced mineral program, Copper Sulfate must be used in conjunction with Dolomite, Sea Kelp, Sulfur and Straight Lime. Copper Sulfate should NEVER be given without Dolomite. Make sure Dolomite is offered free choice as well. Copper Sulfate should also NEVER be used as a drench.

For curing scours, Pat Coleby recommends using:
1 tsp. Dolomite, 1/4th tsp. Copper Sulfate,  and 1 tsp Vitamin C. Mix this all together then dump some of this down your goats mouth. I use an empty pill bottle for this purpose.

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Good products at reasonable prices..... If you have any questions regarding goats just give them a call and someone will gladly assist you. Can't say enough about the company, employees, and products. This web site is a must for those who are interested in maintaining good quality care and food for your goats. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Nancy on 4/30/2014

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Copper Sulfate 1lb
Copper Sulfate 1lb