Natures Acres Wonder Wormer Formula 1 1lb.

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I have had 100% success with using my herbal wormers for eight years now. My vets have confirmed NO Worm Loads in the fecal tests. Even though I do my own fecals, I have my findings verified.

Natures Acres Wonder Wormer Formula 1 is my own blend. It is an all natural herbal formula blend and is always made in small batches to ensure freshness. Formula 1 is safe for all animals. Wonder Wormer Formula 1, must be used with Wonder Wormer Formula 2
Each Order is 16 ounces.

Recommendations: Give Wonder Wormer Formula 1, once a day, for three days in a row, every six weeks.  Must be used in combination with Wonder Wormer Formula 2.

Ingredients:Wormwood, Fennel, Garlic, Black Walnut Hulls, Stevia, Garlic

How I feed my Wonder Wormer Formulas and Herbal Remedies

This is how I introduce herbal wormers to my baby goats. I put about 1/4th tsp in the palm of my hand and let them lick it off. I adjust amounts as they grow. These dosages are only recommendations. 
Most animals love this and will eat it right out of your hand or in a bowl, especially if mixed with a little grain.

With adult animals I feed every goat 1/4th cup of grain once a week and mix in 1 T. of herbal wormer and 1 T. of Cod liver oil. Every animal gets cod liver oil and Herbal Wormer on a weekly basis. I also add other herbal mixtures along with their regular wormer and feed it to them the same way. You can use Corn Oil, Fractioned Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or any other oil you feel is best. Other things you can use besides oil are Honey, Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar and shredded fruits and vegetables work also. All of these are very beneficial to your animals. Each animal is different and each will respond to what they like best.

My time is very precious to me and I do not want to waist it forcing things down an animals throat or drenching them. All of my animals even babies will eat their herbal wormer or my herbal remedies I make for them if mixed in oil and a little grain. Be creative and try some of these suggestions and see what works. These recommendations are for herd animals only. Cats, dogs and other animals may need different methods to get them to eat herbs. With cats I use tuna juice or mackerel and mix it in their food. Dogs the same way, they love fish oil, peanut butter, dog food or any number of treats

Wonder Wormer Dosages:
Cows 4 T.
Adult Goats 1 T.
Pigs 2 1/2 tsp.
Sheep 2 tsp.
Dogs 1 Tsp
Cats 1/2 tsp.
Rabbits1/4th tsp.
Chickens 1/4th tsp.

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a satisfied customer
5 product stars

good products at reasonable prices if you have any questions regarding goats just give them a call and someone will gladly assist you cant say enough about the company, employees, and product this web site is a must for those who are interested in maintaining good quality care and food for your goats keep up the good work

Posted by Nancy on 4/30/2014
Great wormer!
5 product stars

We have been using Nature's Acres wormer for about 2 months now, and so far are very pleased with it. We like the preventative aspect of herbal wormers, which greatly reduces any need we may have to use chemical wormers on our goats. The goats are healthier when they receive a weekly supplement as well, and since we are already mixing up grain for them, its a great excuse to add other supplements! Nature's Acres has been very excellent to work with, keeping their website updated and clear, and shipping orders promptly. Thank you Nature's Acres!

Posted by Zoe on 5/31/2017

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