Organic Sea Kelp 1 lb

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Sea Kelp supplies livestock with the essential mineral selenium, antioxidant properties, amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins. Animals fed sea kelp will flourish. One of the many benefits is a shiny coat as well as giving them trace elements and essential vitamins they may not be getting in their feed or by foraging.

Recommendations: If using as a mineral supplement for livestock, leave Sea Kelp out in its own container and let animals eat it free choice. For a balanced mineral program, Sea Kelp must be used in conjunction with Dolomite, Copper Sulfate, Sulfur and Straight Lime. 

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Good products at reasonable prices.....If you have any questions regarding goats just give them a call and someone will gladly assist you.Can't say enough about the company, employees, and products.This web site is a must for those who are interested in maintaining good quality care and food for your goats.Keep up the good work.

Posted by Nancy on 4/30/2014

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