Entire Herd Sold, Llamas Sold

Because of serious health issues I have sold my entire herd of goats and mini llamas. I no longer have any animals. I will also never have any animals for sale, as
have all been sold.

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A Very special Nigerian dwarf Wether H13 $150.00

This little guy has been raised in a home with dogs a cat, is extremely well mannered, trained on a harness and house trained, NOT Potty trained.. He is just like a dog when it comes to obeying commands. He will only be sold to an approved home, which means to someone I feel will love him and that will know how to properly care for him.
Nigerian dwarf wether Nigerian dwarfs Wether 1


(SOLD) Old Mountain Farm Gidean $550.
Old Mountain Farm Gidean            Old Mountain Farm Gidean
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Sodaine         Sire: Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn
        Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn
Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn RearOld Mountain Farm Sodaine  

$125 each

Lickies Wether H7

    (SOLD) H7 weaned and ready to go

H6 Lickies Boy
          (Sold)   H6 weaned and ready to go Johny Cash

H10 Patchies Boy
       (SOLD) H10 ready to go 8/15/16

Bells Boy H12
    (retained) H12 Ready to go 8/20/16 Chance Sold to Lois Reichert 2/2/17 with entire herd

H13 Bells Boy

         (Sold)     H13 Ready to go 8/20/16 Sold ann thomas 50.00

Does In Milk
Sodaine      Sodaine 2

(SOLD) Sodaine $350.00