This is my Sales Policy

Goats are not suitable to live or be kept in a home. I WILL NOT sell to anyone who wants to buy a goat as a pet to be raised in the house. They are herd animals.

I will always be 100% honest about each animals strengths and weaknesses. No animal is perfect. They can have an EEEE 90 or above on Linear appraisal, win at every show, be a master champion, have superior Genetics in their title, have progeny that have milk stars etc. etc. etc. but none of that means that they are perfect.

I strive to breed for these qualities in each an every animal:

  • friendly, loving and affectionate personalities,
  • excellent conformation
  • Correct udders that withstand the test of time
  • correct teat placement
  • large teats with nice large open orifices
  • correct feet and legs
  • Disease resistance
Every animal I sell is tested on a yearly basis for diseases. I also keep a closed herd. This is to ensure the health of my herd. I may be willing to give discounts on more than one goat. I also will give discounts for 4-H, FFA and those doing Linear Appraisal and Milk Testing.

I will do payment plans on purchasing a goat or goats, but all goats MUST be paid for in full before leaving my farm, no exceptions. If a customer pays by check, they will have a ten day waiting period until check clears, before any animal leaves my farm. Animals must be picked up within two weeks after being paid for or a $3.50 a day charge will be added. If a goat is not picked up within a month of being paid for, then all monies and rights to that animal are forfeited.

I maintain the right to retain any offspring that are born. I  REFUSE to sell any of my animals that may be sold to end up being slaughtered. I also will not sell to anyone who I do not feel will love them or provide them with a proper home. I would rather give my goats away to someone who will care for them and love them, than for all the money in the world. My goats are not just livestock to me. I put my whole heart and soul into caring for all of my animals. Each and every animal I sell deserves a home where I know it will be cared for, valued and loved. This means more to me than money.........


All goats are priced according to what I feel they are worth.  

I require a *non-refundable* deposit of $100.00 for each goat or kid purchased. I cannot hold any goats or kids without a deposit. Once you have reserved your goat or kid, I will be turning away other potential buyers, and will have invested time in your transaction. If you decide to change your mind about your purchase for what ever reason, then your deposit will be forfeited and not returned. If you are interested in purchasing a goat or kid, it's a good idea to get your deposit and choices in as soon as you can. I do not ever advertise my animals for sale, and I am usually sold out soon after babies are born.

Goats are herd animals and need another goat to live with as a companion. If you do not all ready own goats, then you must purchase two goats so they have a companion to live with. If you all ready own other goats then one goat or kid purchased will be fine. I will not sell disbudded goats (goats without horns) to anyone who plans on keeping a disbudded goat with a goat with horns. Having a goat with horns living with a goat without horns, is not fair to the unhorned animal. Goats with horns can cause severe injuries to an unhorned goat. They will also dominate and bully the unhorned animal.

Does:        $350.00 on up, Depending on pedigree, milk starts, etc..
Bucks:      $350.00 on up, Depending on pedigree, milk stars, etc..

Wethers:  $125.00