Herd Health

The health of my animals is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me. I raise all of my animals as naturally and organically as I possibly can. I do not give my animals shots, man made synthetic products, chemicals, pre-made mixes, antibiotics or any such thing, unless absolutely necessary.

My herd is given all natural minerals, each in their own container and left out free choice. Each week, I feed my herd my own blend of natural herbal wormer, as well as other herbal tinctures and blends. I believe in treating animals with natural remedies, made from herbs and other natural sources. Along with their wormer and herbals, they are also given Cod Liver Oil twice a week and Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar

I also give and keep on hand Vitamin C, Vitamin A and D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Dolomite, Karo Syrup, Molassis, Fish Meal(which they hate), Diamond V yeast, and Baking Soda.

My herd also is tested each year for all diseases. I practice very strict bio security measures and therefore retain a closed herd, for my animals health and protection.
I will never put my herds health in danger by bringing other goats on my property or by excepting back any goat, once it has left my farm.

I truly believe all most all problems, whether sicknesses or diseases, can be prevented or cured by giving proper minerals and vitamins, applying proper husbandry and herdmanship skills, and by feeding and caring for your herd as holistically and naturally as you possibly can. These have been my methods I raise my animals by and have proven extremely successful for me.